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Judith Siegel

Judith Siegel

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary U.S. Department of State

Judith Siegel, Ph.D., has taught as an adjunct faculty member at the Center for Global Affairs since 2007.  Prior to joining CGA, Judy was a Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Information Programs at the U.S. State Department, where she oversaw public diplomacy publications, web, and travelling speaker programs aimed at explaining U.S. policy, society and values to global audiences. Judy also worked on U.S. government people‐to‐people academic and citizen exchange programs, and at the National Endowment for the Humanities. At CGA Judy has taught courses on global public opinion and foreign policy, the history and practice of public diplomacy, and writing for foreign affairs, among other topics.

Currently Teaching

Midway to the Midterms: Politics, Priorities, and Policy

Almost a year into the Biden administration and with the congressional midterm elections next year, the United States continues to face serious...