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Ethan Chazin

Ethan Chazin

President & Founder The Chazin Group LLC
Ethan Chazin, MBA, is an adjunct instructor at NYUSPS and a specialist in start-up ventures, workforce development, talent management, and training and professional development. He spent 20 years in corporate America, leading marketing and sales teams through significant transformation, before launching The Chazin Group business consultancy in 2009. As a senior-level management consultant, Chazin works with organizations at every stage of the growth life cycle, focusing on strategic planning and aligning organizational marketing programs to support short and long-term sales initiatives.

Currently Teaching

Branding and Marketing for Social Enterprises

Acquire a greater understanding of how to effectively brand and market a social organization in order to gain lasting competitive advantage.

Business Ethics

Learn how to apply ethical business practices in your own organization and how they contribute to a lasting competitive advantage.

Leadership Skills for New Managers

Learn how to apply powerful strategies to influence others, communicate effectively, negotiate, and understand the power of ethics in leadership.

Interviewing in a Multigenerational Environment

Gain key insights into how successfully to interview—and be interviewed—in today’s multigenerational workplace.