Kalika Sharma

Kalika Sharma

Creative Director Antidote LLC
Kalika Kharkar Sharma is an Instructor in Design, Digital Arts and Film within the School of Professional Studies. She is also a character animator and motion graphics artist with over 15 years' professional experience. Kalika holds a BFA in Film/Video/Animation from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an MS in Advanced Digital Applications from NYU. Kalika has animated numerous segments for Sesame Street, was an animator on both seasons of Nickelodeon's Emmy-award winning Little Bill Show, Senior Motion Graphics Artist for CNBC's The Filthy Rich Guide, Senior Motion Graphics Artist for PBS's America In Primetime, and animated on-air bumpers for The Doctor Oz Show.

Past Courses

After Effects I

Quickly get comfortable with industry-standard Adobe After Effects and its myriad capabilities for creating and enhancing digital video.

After Effects II

Expand your current knowledge of Adobe After Effects and take your multimedia project to the next level.