Raul Sanchez

Raul Sanchez

Clinical Assistant Professor

Raúl Sánchez is an award-winning journalist and creative writer, who is a full-time faculty member in the Division of Languages and Humanities at New York University’s School of Professional Studies. He has presented at numerous conferences and his awards include the Paula Gonzales Award for his research dissertation at Oxford University in the UK, “Equality with Difference.” His writings have appeared in such publications as opendemocracy.net, the Dayton Daily News, ehow.com, Whispering Willows Mystery Magazine. His professional writing experience includes being a writing consultant for such companies as Barnes & Noble Publishing and PBS’s the Charlie Rose Show. Raul has taught numerous courses in academic writing, speech, creative writing, journalism, business communication, Spanish language and literature, cross-cultural communication, ESL in higher education, and English literature.

Currently Teaching

Teaching Practicum

Work closely with your peers and your instructor as you teach a group of English language learners at least once a week for 60 minutes.

Effective Business Communication

Improve your oral communication in the workplace by learning to speak English with greater accuracy and fluency.