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Samuel Albert

Samuel Albert

Adjunct Instructor

Samuel D. Albert received his Ph.D. in Art History from Yale University.  His areas of interest are art and architecture in Austria-Hungary and the successor states, and in the British Mandate of Palestine.  He has worked at the Center for Advance Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery in Washington, as well as the Center for Jewish Art of the Hebrew University where he also taught in the Art History Program.  Currently, he is an Adjunct Associate at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Samuel has written extensively on both Central Europe and Palestine. He is presently at work on a book focusing on Architecture and Urbanism in  Mandatory Jerusalem.  His Center for Applied Liberal Arts courses at NYUSPS focuses on Modern and Contemporary architecture.

Currently Teaching

The Bauhaus: Modernism in Art, Architecture, and Design

Explore the historical, aesthetic, and ideological background of the Bauhaus.

Vienna 1900: Artistic Modernism and the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Explore the history of modernism’s fascinating artistic ferment and experimentation in Vienna and throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire.