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Daisy St. Mark

Daisy St. Mark

Adjunct Instructor

Currently Teaching

Microsoft Office for Business Professionals

Gain the Microsoft Office skills to maximize the use of personal computers in a business environment.

Excel: Advanced Tools and Techniques

Become an Excel power user and increase your Excel efficiency.

PowerPoint: Winning Presentations' Comprehensive Techniques

Learn to create winning presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint in this hands-on course.

Word: Advanced Dynamic Tools

Learn useful automation features of MS Word, including macros, form fields, bookmarks, Track Changes, Source Manager, and Mail Merge.

Excel: Essential Basics

Gain a solid understanding of Excel’s foundation, operations, basic calculation, and five most commonly used auto functions.

Excel: Beyond the Basics

If you want to go beyond Excel basics, then take this hands-on course to learn how to do more with this powerful application.