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Frank Heynick

Frank Heynick

Adjunct Instructor

Frank Heynick, PhD, has an academic background in medicine, linguistics, psychology, history, and industrial design. He is the author of over 500 publications and four books –three on dreaming (including Language and Its Disturbances in Dreams) and one entitled Jews and Medicine. At NYUSPS Dr. Heynick teaches Dreaming, Its Psychology, Its Meaning; The Story of Medicine; and The Fountainhead in New York City. He has also taught at various universities in Europe and the US. Dr. Heynick is also the designer and constructor of the model skyscraper city Mini-Gotham. Two of the structures have won awards, and a video of Mini-Gotham has drawn well over a million viewers worldwide. He is currently completing his fifth book.

Past Courses

The Enigmatic Psychology of Our Dream Life

Explore Western culture’s psychological theories of dreaming, and look at current research about how dreaming functions and what it means.