Patricia Samwick

Patricia Samwick

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Patricia Samwick is an adjunct assistant professor at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs and is the principal of Samwick Management Group (SMG), a consultancy specializing in marketing and fundraising. Ms. Samwick has worked extensively in Emerging Markets in Latin America, Asia and the Mid East and has provided consulting advisory to Latin American financial institutions, Asian Government Banks and a global Islamic Bank based in Kuwait. Prior to forming SMG, Ms. Samwick spent more than 18 years at Citigroup; her most recent position there was as Sales Director, Global E Business Group. She also teaches at SIPA and is the President of a residential Board.  Ms. Samwick holds an M.I.A. from Columbia University School of International Affairs (SIPA) and earned a Certificate in Fundraising & Philanthropy from NYU.

Currently Teaching

BRICS: The Rise of Geopolitical and Economic Influencers

Register for this Fall 2023 course on the NYU SPS Academy of Lifelong Learning website. In 2001, an investment banker coined the...