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Programming with Python

This course provides a complete study of Python to an intermediate level, covering the core library and advanced techniques for writing elegant, efficient, and tested Python code. Learn file and data I/O using JSON, CSV, and other formats. Learn the object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, and gain the ability to design Python classes with commonly used design patterns. Collaborate in teams using a Git repository, the GitHub public repo website, and code review tools. Ensure code quality using pytest, pylint, and other industry-standard tools and techniques. Fundamental web back-end programming will be covered, including microservice architecture on Flask and full web application development on Django, delivered at an introductory capacity.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to apply core procedural Python to accomplish myriad tasks and to solve varied problems
  • Familiarity with the concepts of object-oriented programming and design and of functional programming and design
  • The skills to perform object-oriented programming and design, as well as functional programming and design
  • Object and data persistence techniques
  • The ability to apply versioning, code review, and code quality tools in a collaborative environment
  • The skills to write tests and test suites
  • Knowledge of core testing concepts
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