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Mastering English Grammar

A solid grasp of grammar is the foundational skill of copyediting and proofreading across all media. In this course, review the eight principal parts of speech, and gain an understanding of how they work together syntactically to form sentences. Topics include dangling modifiers, subject-verb and noun-pronoun agreement, misplaced punctuation, and run-on sentences. Learn how and when to use a copy editor’s most important tools—dictionaries and related grammar and style guides—to verify standard grammar and syntax. Advanced concepts are presented through onsite, hands-on workshops.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A review of all parts of speech and their roles within sentences and paragraphs
  • Experience analyzing and parsing sentences for agreement, punctuation, and various simple and complex constructions (simple, compound, restrictive/nonrestrictive clauses, danglers)
  • The ability to identify and correct grammar and syntax errors
  • An overview of reference texts for researching and verifying correct grammar and word choice
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    • Section

    • Semester

      Summer 2019
    • Date

      Jun 3 - Jul 29
    • Day

    • Time

      • In-Person/Online Blended
    • Format

      In-Person/Online Blended
      • In-Person/Online Blended
    • Sessions

    • Faculty

      Schweppe, Sarah
    • Location

      Woolworth Building
    Tuition $625