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The Project Management Framework

Project management involves using specific knowledge, processes, tools, and methods to ensure that a project meets or exceeds the requirements of the owner. This course introduces you to the knowledge and skills that project team members must have in order to be effective in their work. It combines theory and applied practice, and will enable you to develop hands-on skills and experience for working as an effective contributor to a project team. Gain an introduction to the framework of structured project management, including the project life cycle, project knowledge groups, and an understanding of project constraints—all of the elements required to build a strong foundation for acquiring the Diploma in Basic Project Management.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to identify the features and attributes of a project, as well as the steps and variables of the project management process
  • An understanding of the effects of the environment, various socioeconomic and organizational issues, and organizational structure on a project
  • The capacity to assess the critical functions, necessary skills, responsibilities, and challenges of a project initiative

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