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Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling, Dubbing, and More

With the explosion of digital video content in today’s world, it is only natural that much of that content demands to be localized and translated. Translators are required to translate videos in a way that can be streamed, shared or embedded online. To cater for this explosion of video demand, audiovisual translation emerges as a new field with several modalities: subtitling, dubbing, close-captioning, audio-description, surtitling, and script translation. This language-neutral course provides students with the essential tools to produce translations in the main modalities. It will also present them with the best practices in the field for high quality audiovisual translations. The course will be imparted in English, and will be very practical in nature. All assignments will be hands-on. Students will be translating media into their own target languages.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of the major modalities of audiovisual translation in today’s market
  • Knowledge of best practices in subtitling and dubbing, and the ability to apply them in fragments of movies, documentaries and shows that you will translate
  • Ability to use open-source software to create subtitles and dubbing scripts
  • Ability to translate and localize video content (movies, documentaries and shows) into the your target language
  • Ability to create fully localized video content

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  • Fall 2018
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      Fall 2018
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      Oct 1 - Dec 9
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      Salotti, Ana
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