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Legal Sight Translation and Consecutive Interpreting (Spanish/English)

This hands-on, practical course is taught in a language lab using actual interpreting equipment and simulating real-life professional settings. It provides immersive training in the two essential and most commonly used modes of interpreting applicable to all legal affairs and court proceedings. Drawing upon the knowledge and terminology acquired in the Legal Terminology and the Judiciary System course and under the systematic guidance of an experienced certified interpreter-instructor, you will learn the interpreter’s code of ethics and delve into interpreting, from line-by-line sight translation and simple two-way verbal prompts (as in Q&A), to progressively longer and more complex material (extended dialogue, discussion, and multiple-party settlement). As part of the course work, you will record audio or your own interpreting exercises and start a legal interpreter’s journal in which you annotate reflection and self-assessment. Through this process, you will develop critical insights into specific performance criteria, such as semantic equivalence (linguistic accuracy), tone and register match, flow, focus, stress management, and discretionary solutions.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to interpret accurately and impartially in both directions between English and Spanish, drawing upon an empathetic understanding of competing perspectives between parties involved
  • The skills to apply dramaturgical performance criteria and insights based upon knowledge of best practices and the legal interpreter’s code of ethics
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