Copyediting for Digital and Print Media

With information being delivered in a variety of ways—from online-only publications to print magazines, and often hybrid models of both—the role of today’s copy editor is multi-faceted, requiring a nimbleness to move from one topic to another quickly while maintaining an in-the-moment focus on the story at hand. This course explores the ways in which today’s copy editor can operate within the structure of a fast-paced digital environment and also shift gears to a more traditional print production cycle, while also facilitating quality control over a print magazine’s online version. Each session will familiarize you with the foundations of story accuracy, clarity, and coherence. There will be a focus on specific genres such as food, fashion, and fitness in order to understand the unique style and voice every publication depends on, especially in a publishing world that is increasingly tailoring content to specific interest groups. Learn how to create and maintain a house style guide—a vital part of any publication—along with familiarizing yourself with the industry-standard style guides The Chicago Manual of Style  and Associated Press . Explore the unique challenges and opportunities of copy editing responsibly with social media from both an accuracy and a copyright perspective. You also will become familiar with common programs and best practices, including working within Microsoft and Google suites, and Adobe InCopy and InDesign. 
This course may be used to fulfill the requirements of the Certificate in Professional Copyediting, Proofreading, and Fact-Checking.

This course is delivered in an online format that uses a combination of real-time, instructor-led (synchronous) video meetings and self-paced (asynchronous) learning within NYU’s online learning platform, and there are weekly deadlines for lesson and assignment completion.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the digital and print media landscape and how copy editors operate within it
  • Experience copyediting and fact-checking content in a fast-paced environment with each weekly assignment
  • Knowledge of how to use and maintain a house style guide, and why doing so is an important linchpin to successful copyediting in all formats from digital to print
  • Familiarity with Associated Press and Chicago Manual of Style guidelines
  • Comprehension of the role social media plays, especially in digital media, and how to responsibly edit content that relies on it
  • The ability to copyedit and proofread across the full spectrum of magazine and digital genres
  • The skills to input text changes, work with layouts, and communicate with editors digitally using common programs and organizational systems such as Word and Google docs, along with Adobe InCopy and InDesign

Ideal for

  • Copy editors who seek to hone their skills for print and online magazine publishing
  • Those who are interested in pursuing a career in copyediting
  • Professionals who work in the digital media landscape
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    • Semester

      Fall 2023
    • Date

      Sep 12 - Nov 28
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      • Online
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      • Online
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    • Faculty

      Spencer, Lauren
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      Instructor Led
    Tuition $1099