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Classics in Sports Journalism

While the fields of journalism and sports media currently are undergoing a rapid-paced transition, what remains unchanged are the many stories to tell and ideas to share. There is a timeless quality to the most prolific and incisive sports writing, which bestows a front-row seat to some of sports’ most awe-inspiring moments. This course will examine brilliant and fascinating works by some of the greatest American sportswriters. From snappy newspaper columns to long-form online pieces, explore how writers have held sport of every description to the light and helped to change the way people write, read, and think about heroes and scoundrels. Some of the works to be studied will reflect the dramatic changes in American society over the last century. We will examine what makes these articles, stories, and columns “classics,” and how compelling people and events are further immortalized through riveting writing.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Insight into the changing attitudes in sports coverage and styles of sports journalism in terms of content, appearance, and focus
  • The ability to look outside the lines for stories that can impact larger communities
  • The ability to identify strategic and unique journalistic writing styles and best practices to incorporate into your own work
  • An understanding of the importance of fairness, balance, intelligence, and insight in an era of entertainment-oriented, personalized journalism
  • The critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate, organize, and write impactful news stories, features, and columns

Ideal for

  • Entry-level sportswriters
  • Sports bloggers
  • Career changers
  • Sports enthusiasts
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