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Corporate Giving in Sports: Building Partnerships for Social Change

With the explosion of digital and social media over the last decade, athletes, teams, owners, brands, and fans now have the opportunity for inclusion in broader discussions around social justice at the press of a button. With this, there is the incredible responsibility of putting words into actions and creating real change for those who need it most. This course will explore the critical role that the sport industry plays in our nation’s social responsibility initiatives, while also examining how much of an impact sports can have for underserved communities. We will investigate trends in philanthropy; look at how teams, leagues, and brands are leveraging their marketing dollars to make a difference; and learn about the strategic tools used in sports to drive sustainable change in communities across the country. Students will have the opportunity to examine case studies about major sports leagues and the market value they bring to their social and economic capital, and learn fundamental fundraising techniques employed by the nonprofit industry in order to develop partnerships in sport to help communities in need.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Analysis of how the sport industry defines and leverages the field of social responsibility
  • Familiarity with the types of organizations that use sport to impact change in communities
  • An understanding of the critical role that the sports industry plays in the larger social responsibility conversation
  • A better understanding of how sports organizations and athletes can become more involved in national social justice discussions/campaigns
  • Knowledge of various types of corporate employee engagement and giving methods within sports
  • Practical tools for leveraging industry partnerships across CBOs and other local sport affiliates

Ideal for

  • Sports business professionals
  • Business professionals in community relations, development, media, marketing, and law
  • Career changers seeking to enter the corporate social responsibility (CSR) field or the nonprofit sector
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