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Gridiron Analytics

Sports analytics are playing an increasing role in virtually all aspects of sports, and while it has had a late start, football is changing before our eyes as analytics has fostered an age of innovation to America's favorite sport. Gone are the days of "three yards and a cloud of dust" because as modern offenses pursue efficiency, they have started to embrace passing more, and as a result, offensive records are being broken on an annual basis. Most excitingly, unlike professional baseball and basketball--where the use of analytics has matured--the impact of data on the gridiron remains in its nascent stage, overflowing with promising new research directions. With a focus on the National Football League (NFL), Gridiron Analytics will explore the historical, current, and potential impacts of data on the way football is played, coached, and managed.
Students pursuing the Certificate in Sports Analytics are required to complete Foundations in Sports Analytics/TGSC1-CE1000 before enrolling in this course. Flexibility  on the order of course completions may be granted, pending review of professional background/expertise. For questions on the Certificate in Sports Analytics, please contact tischinstitute.ce@nyu.edu.  For assistance with registration, please contact sps.info@nyu.edu or call 212-998-7150.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to explain the meanings and applications of various football analytics concepts and statistics.
  • The ability to summarize the history of football analytics and sports analytics in general.
  • An understanding of how football analytics is changing the way the game is played, coached, and managed.
  • The ability to critique current football analytics research with relevant and insightful analysis.

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