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Managing the Kitchen: From Utility Person to Executive Chef

In a properly organized, managed, and operated kitchen, problems slide away easily, like an egg off a nonstick pan. Managing efficiently (without shouting) results in the best product the kitchen can prepare in the fastest time, a very happy staff that cares about where they work, and often, a very nice profit to show for it. In this course, discuss the kitchen hierarchy; a kitchen manager’s duties; and menu, food, and labor cost percentages. Additional topics covered include standardized recipes and plate presentation; procedures for recruiting, hiring, training, and reviewing employee performance; kitchen production procedures and guidelines; and a basic understanding of legal obligations and government requirements of running a restaurant kitchen. Leave this course with an outline of your own kitchen manager’s manual.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Best practices for managing each of the staff roles in a kitchen
  • Strategies to improve production, establish control systems, and increase productivity and profit

Ideal for

  • Anyone who currently manages a kitchen or works in one in any capacity
  • Entrepreneurs planning to open a successful restaurant or other food service operation
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