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How to Commercialize Your Favorite Recipe with Success

Do you have your own or a family recipe for a sauce, salad dressing, or other type of food or beverage that you want to commercialize (i.e., bring to market)? Or do you simply have an idea that you feel strongly or passionately about that you want to market? If so, this course will guide you step by step from a business plan to product formulation, packaging, labeling, manufacturing, marketing, and ultimately, selling. First, gain an understanding of the market you want to enter (market strategy), and then become familiar with creating a business plan. Next, learn the technical, labeling, and production/processing (operational) issues of turning your recipe into a safe, shelf-stable, and profitable product that meets food industry rules and regulations. Finally, acquire relevant information regarding distribution and sale of a product. This course will give you the important knowledge and skills you need prior to launching your product, whether your business vision is to keep it small, to grow it, or simply to run the business as a hobby.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the commercialization process so you are able to set realistic goals, to assess the benefits and risks involved in commercializing a recipe, and to determine what is feasible and profitable
  • Familiarity with the different steps in bringing a recipe or idea to market—understanding the market and consumer trends, writing an effective business plan, developing a shelf-stable product according to industry regulations, and marketing, and ultimately, selling the product
  • The ability to select an appropriate type of business/legal form of operation, to define the markets to enter, to understand the competition, to review pricing, to determine packaging and labeling requirements for consumer safety, to make production/manufacturing decisions, and to advertise and distribute the product effectively
  • Knowledge of the key players for the business and the professional staff required
  • An understanding of the financial data and requirements involved, including start-up expenses and cash flow
  • Familiarity with how to seek funding if needed and to finance the business
  • The ability to keep a clear and focused perspective of the business, while keeping abreast of the ongoing consumer trends and regulatory environment affecting the production and marketing of a product

Ideal for

  • Anyone looking to turn a recipe into a small business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artisans looking to sell their product commercially
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