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Travel Storytelling: Creating Video Content

In this course, you will learn firsthand industry knowledge from famed travel storyteller Michaela Guzy, founder and chief content creator of Oh The People You Meet, and other experts whom she curates from the film, TV, distribution, publishing, branding, production, influencer, and content creation industries. You will leave this course with the knowledge of how to target the right audience for your content and how to inspire, empower, and motivate these viewers, followers, and fans, whether you are creating editorial or commercial content. With your new found skill set, you will be able to evaluate what tools and equipment can increase the quality of your videos and images, and you will learn editing and production tips and tricks from industry experts. The course will cover distribution methods and social media promotion for driving traffic to your content. Ultimately, you will finish the course armed with the tool kit to make a living from your passion for travel storytelling.

To learn more about Oh The People You Meet, watch this video. See below for the detailed course curriculum.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to determine your audience
  • The skills to choose the best message type for your story: editorial versus commercial
  • An understanding of what feedback to act on and what to ignore
  • Knowledge of which channels your message will resonate the most on, or how to alter your message to be effective on each
  • Knowledge of which gear is right for you
  • Editorial and production tips
  • Knowledge of how to get your message/content distributed
  • An understanding of how to make money from travel storytelling

Ideal for

  • Anyone with a passion for travel and an interest in storytelling
  • Those interested in making a career from travel storytelling
  • Video and filmmakers
  • Marketers and publicists who work with influencers and storytellers
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