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Public Relations Writing for International Professionals in a Globalized Marketplace

Develop strategies for creating and delivering more effective written communication for a globalized economy. The role of the PR professional is constantly evolving to include creating a wide range of traditional, online, and social media content. Accordingly, PR writing must extend beyond conventional business communication and seek to inform, motivate, engage, and persuade culturally diverse audiences across the increasingly unified sectors of public relations, integrated marketing, and online media. PR professionals must understand the various types of PR writing styles that convey clarity, authority, and impact. These writing skills are necessary to build a company’s reputation and to leverage data, polls, surveys, and research studies in order to satisfy multiple functions and to maintain confluent messaging that aligns with diversifying audiences in meaningful ways. This course, designed for PR professionals, combines creative class discussions and in-class activities. Learn practical and readily applicable methods for researching and designing content, as well as for writing with effective style, diction, tone, and voice, to enhance your PR messaging and campaigns. Emerge with a clear, concise, and unique approach to writing that connects with international audiences across media.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to make public relations messaging more versatile and impactful and to better connect with audiences through targeted writing
  • An in-depth understanding of public relations writing formats and styles, and knowledge of how to communicate effectively and purposefully across a range of traditional and online contexts and genres
  • The concepts, theories, and perspectives necessary to create promotional public relations tools that engage and resonate with both domestic and global audiences
  • A deeper awareness of the attitudes and opinions that shape communication decisions and influence perceptions
  • Mastery of effective written correspondence through the presentation of statistics and relevant information over multiple modes of traditional and digital communication
  • Strategies for addressing various forms of communication structures and the ability to apply useful techniques to manage public opinion in a cultural context

Ideal for

  • Those employed in, or interested in entering, the fields of public relations, marketing, and advertising
  • Native and nonnative English-speaking PR professionals
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