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Film and TV Development as a Producer

Before a film or TV series can be cast, financed, or filmed, producers and filmmakers manage a multidisciplinary process involving creative, legal, and market-based building blocks in order to get a project green-lit. Learn the mechanics involved in the development of new projects, either by creating a new work of your own or by optioning and acquiring existing intellectual property. This course provides an in-depth understanding of these steps by detailing the multiple disciplines required to develop or acquire a film or TV series. The production process can take months, or even years: a producer must secure and develop a story or idea, next receive project approval by a studio or independent funding, and then progress to preproduction. This course will demonstrate how producers effectively navigate this journey and execute effective development strategies. 
This course may be used to fulfill the requirements of the Certificate in Writing and Producing for Film and Television. It may be taken to pursue the certificate, or as a standalone course. Questions? Contact us at The Center for Publishing and Applied Liberal Arts: Email sps.pala.ce@nyu.edu or call 212-998-7289.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the building blocks needed to get a film green-lit, as well as the deep collaborations necessary among producers, filmmakers, and other key members of development teams
  • In-depth knowledge of how producers navigate the creative challenges of film and TV project development in light of the harsh market realities of casting and packaging while gauging potential audience reception

Ideal for

  • Filmmakers, producers, talent agents, and casting directors who hope to learn more about how business and creative processes integrate when developing a film or TV series
  • Those who are interested in pursuing a career as a film or TV producer

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