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E-Commerce: Managing, Building, and Developing Digital Sales Environments

Faster than it takes to order something online, e-commerce appears to be outpacing overall retail sales. Today’s consumer market redefines the way retailers need to diversify and position their products and brands. In this hands-on course, analyze how e-commerce impacts retail sales. Explore website design and development, product positioning, marketing, advertising, order processing, fulfillment, customer service, and customer retention initiatives that e-commerce sales demand. By the end of the course, have the tools to begin the process of developing an “e-tail” company—or to manage an existing e-commerce endeavor more effectively.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of e-commerce business models
  • Analytical tools to understand metrics and functions of different kinds of e-commerce models
  • An overview of the hardware, software, servers, and databases that drive e-commerce

Ideal for

  • Those interested in establishing a strong foundation in e-commerce business models
  • All levels of professionals who seek to explore the concepts of e-commerce

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