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Video Media Sales in a Cross-Platform World

Learn to think “cross-platform.” Today’s ideas transcend media platforms, and marketers must focus on the concept and the consumer experience. Learn how to be a consultative seller, what’s important to marketers and agencies, and how to successfully connect the dots for your media company in order to make the deal. This course resets the sales process to identify an advertiser’s goals and objectives and to provide media and communications solutions. Being a video media seller in the new cross-platform world requires an evolved orientation to selling. You must create value (not sell a commodity), become your client’s personal brand manager, and advocate in the process while representing your company. Topics covered include redefining the approach to video media sales, establishing a base of product knowledge, researching what’s important to clients, and building the presentation through to the deal-making stage. Also, gain an overview of offline and online video (broadcast, cable, digital/mobile) ad sales, including all aspects of the sales process. In class, craft, research, prep, and deliver mock sales/marketing presentations and navigate a real-world experience of developing a true cross-platform campaign. Ideas and concept selling don’t have barriers—there is no traditional media or new media, just best practices, all with the goal of doing good work. Finally, delve into a basic understanding of media metrics, examine ratings information and support research, and then apply this information to the sales process. Current senior-level industry professionals will visit the classroom, offering you direct access to real-world experience.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to build a sound cross-platform media sales proposal from the brand/agency point of view of selling value
  • An overview of how to use media measurement tools, such as Nielsen or comScore ratings information, to highlight a property’s strengths and how to apply these to the sales process
  • Tools and techniques to pitch and negotiate media advertising deals

Ideal for

  • New entrants already in the media field, including media assistants, sales service executives, etc.
  • Agency media buyers/planners wanting to transition into a sales function at a media company
  • People outside the media industry looking for a breakthrough opportunity
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