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James Joyce's Ulysses

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Considered the greatest canonical work modernity has produced, James Joyce’s Ulysses  not only is a modern Odyssey  but a superb portrait of a provincial yet also cosmopolitan city of Dublin at a crucial time in its history. This extraordinary novel is a gallery of literary styles; vivid, memorable characters; and warm if sometimes subtle humor. In its triad of the aesthetic, reflective Stephen; Leopold Bloom, the robust everyman; and Molly, his sensuous, creative wife, Joyce created  three of the most compelling fictional representations of the twentieth century. We will discuss the novel in a way that opens up this sometimes inscrutable book and reveals not just its knowledge and wisdom but its humor and humanity. The preferred edition of Ulysses  is the Cambridge Centenary Edition. Spring 2024 tuition is $579.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A new appreciation for James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses
  • An understanding of Ulysses’ continued significance in world literature
  • A familiarity with the themes and influences found in Ulysses

Ideal for

  • Those with an interest in modern literature
  • The curious and creative
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      Spring 2024
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      Feb 20 - Apr 2
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Birns, Nicholas
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      Midtown Center