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Sites of Seduction: Death in Venice and Its Ancient Greek Models

Autobiographical, sensual, and shocking—Thomas Mann’s novella, Death in Venice, is a masterpiece of modernist fiction. On the surface, Death in Venice is the story of a world-renowned German author who—plagued by frustration, boredom, and writer’s block—succumbs to a forbidden love during a sojourn in Venice. When read with the ancient Greek literature that served as Mann’s inspiration, however, the novella becomes a conversation across expanses of literary time. In this course, begin by reading two works that profoundly influenced Mann: Euripides’s tragedy, The Bacchae, and excerpts from Plato’s Phaedrus, before diving into Death in Venice.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A fuller understanding of Thomas Mann’s novella, Death in Venice, as well as the ancient Greek literature that served as its inspiration
  • Knowledge of foundational works of Western literature

Ideal for

  • The curious and creative
  • Professionals who use critical thinking

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