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Managing Debt: Rights and Resources

In this seminar, taught by an experienced bankruptcy, foreclosure, and debt-settlement attorney, you will learn about the laws and resources available to help you manage, and often reduce, consumer debt obligations. Since the financial crisis of 2008, government agencies on both the local and federal levels have become much more aggressive in enforcing consumer rights as they relate to debt. You must know your rights, however, in order to take advantage of them. Credit card debt, student loan debt, credit repair, foreclosure, and bankruptcy will be among the topics covered. Course materials will include case histories; plain-language discussions of relevant statutes and court decisions; helpful, ready-to-use sample forms and letters; and contact information for free legal services and resources. Binders containing the information and resource material covered in class will be distributed.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of federal and local laws that can work in your favor when dealing with debt and debt collectors
  • Knowledge of strategies and free or low-cost legal resources that can help you to negotiate a modification or reduction of certain debt obligations

Ideal for

  • Those who are “comfortable” at the moment but who wish to forewarn and forearm themselves about consumer debt and debt settlement strategies
  • Those who presently have consumer debt and who wish to better manage or reduce that debt
  • Those who are faced with, or might soon be facing, debt-related legal action and who are seeking the information necessary to plot the best defensive strategy
  • Those interested in starting or advancing a career as a consumer rights attorney or advocate
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