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Pet Trusts: Saving Animal Companions from the Unexpected

Did you know that you do not need to be an attorney to write a legal pet trust that is valid in all 50 states? This course will clearly and simply address the many issues to consider when struggling to care for pets, whether after the pet owner’s death or during periods of the owner’s prolonged illness or absence. This class will take you through the various facets of continuing pet care, including pet trusts in microchips, the confluence of pet trusts and pet insurance, and the prevention of economic euthanasia. If your mission is to safeguard pets from becoming orphaned and to ensure that every animal is guaranteed a secure future, then this course will provide the legal and practical knowledge necessary to do so.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A firm understanding of the different pet trusts that are available in New York and in the United States, including their advantages and disadvantages
  • The ability to write a legally sound pet trust
  • The knowledge necessary to prepare pet trust instruments that provide for uninterrupted care of animals, ensure the pet owner’s wishes are followed, and avoid court interference

Ideal for

  • Those in the legal, financial, insurance, and veterinary professions
  • Anyone who has a pet or is dealing with a family member with pets
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