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Excel: Essential Basics

Gain a solid understanding of Excel’s foundation, basic calculations, five most commonly used functions, and the order of operations. Other topics also covered in class include finding and replacing text; formatting numbers; copying formulas with relative and absolute cell reference; defining a name for a cell or for a range of cells; inserting rows, columns, and sheets; copying and moving worksheets; and hiding and un-hiding rows and columns. Learn to use the unique, time-saving Excel autofill feature—the fill handle—to copy data, formulas, formats, and fill series. Various formatting techniques are introduced. By the end of this hands-on course, you will be able to create basic professional workbooks.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A solid understanding of Excel’s fundamentals
  • Proficiency in creating basic, professional Excel workbooks

Ideal for

  • Beginners and self-taught Excel professionals from entry to senior level in any industry
  • Those who want to gain a solid foundation in all aspects of Excel’s basics to be able to proficiently create basic, professional workbooks
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