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Apache Web Server

Knowledge of Apache is essential for any web developer or systems administrator. This course provides a comprehensive overview of Apache, the most widely used web server. Learn to manage the httpd.conf configuration file, to set up virtual hosts for multiple websites, and to use the .htaccess file. Master URL mapping, directory indexing, performance tuning, handlers, filters, running scripts, and proxy servers and firewalls. Topics covered include an introduction to and the history of Apache, installation and configuration, and security. Also, discuss delivering dynamic web content; serving multiple sites with virtual hosts, redirection, and indexing; monitoring the Apache web server; and improving performance.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to architect and engineer Cassandra databases for competitive advantage
  • Knowledge of how to model data in Cassandra based on query patterns
  • The ability to access Cassandra databases using CQL and Java

Ideal for

  • Technical and database professionals, data scientists, and analysts
  • Business professionals who are looking to integrate Cassandra into their existing environment

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