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Global Talent Management

Global talent management, when implemented properly, can unlock the potential of employees, accelerate the achievement of business objectives, build critical business competence with simple and consistent frameworks to help employees meet strategic goals, leverage the talents and passions of every member of a multinational organization, and foster loyalty among employees. Topics covered in this course include exploring the right cultural “fit”; finding the right professionals for the right positions in the global environment with global mobility; determining which models inform good decisions; and handling succession planning, performance reviews, and leadership development. In class, discuss implementing strategies for employee retention, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and training needs. Gain the skills as an HR professional to work effectively across functions and geographical regions and to establish business alliances, all the while acquiring an understanding of how to lead the global workforce.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An overview of the best practices in global talent management
  • The ability to develop global talent in your organization

Ideal for

  • Professionals who have some experience working with global talent management
  • Professionals with some knowledge of global talent management
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