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ESG and Impact Investing Boot Camp

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Impact Investing are garnering increased attention and scrutiny on Wall Street and in Washington as investors seek to better understand how ongoing crises such as climate change and social inequality will affect their portfolios and public policy. Based on the assumption that all investments have impact, both positive and negative, ESG/impact investing seeks to provide asset owners with the tools to understand and guide their investments toward positive social and environmental outcomes. ESG/impact investing is part of a larger historical phenomenon of integrating values into investment decisions such as early religion-based investing to the more recent role of divestment in key social and environmental movements, such as apartheid-era South Africa and fossil fuels. Yet, there is much misunderstanding and misinformation about these tools and practices.
In this one-day in-person intensive ESG/impact Investing Boot Camp, you will learn the foundational frameworks and approaches which have been developed to integrate ESG factors and impact investing strategies into the investment decision-making process. We will define impact investing and apply it across a wide array of approaches and asset classes. You will leave with the capacity to unpack the structure of specific ESG/impact investments and be a more engaged consumer of investment information.
This course is designed for those who want to better understand how investment mechanisms can be structured to solve critical social and environmental challenges. The bootcamp will draw from the fields of finance, microeconomics, theories of change, public policy, impact measurement and management, and investment management to evaluate specific cases and investment tools in areas such as climate and addressing inequality.
It is recommended that participants have a foundational knowledge of finance and investment.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Foundational frameworks and approaches which can be used to integrate ESG factors and impact investing strategies into the investment decision-making process
  • An understanding of impact investing and ESG strategies and how they can be used effectively to meet the needs of clients

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  • Spring 2024

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      Spring 2024
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      Apr 19 - Apr 19
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Godeke, Steven
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      Washington Square