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Beyond the Headlines: The Balance of Power in a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic and global recession have left indelible scars on global power, accelerating some existing trends and upending others. The rise of far-right parties and demagogues appears to have ended, with the so-called populist leaders failing to contain the coronavirus. After four years of President Trump, American leadership in the world has been undermined, from the UN to NATO to the Iran nuclear deal. Allies are deeply skeptical about long-term US commitments, while at the same time relying on American leadership. The EU has survived the existential threats of Brexit and the Syrian refugee crisis, but migration flows from the south will intensify with climate change, while Russian interference from the east shows no sign of abating. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran continue to destabilize and reshape a region that is still recovering from the unfinished legacy of the Arab Spring. In Asia, the inexorable economic rise of both China and India is realigning global power as well as domestic politics. Meanwhile, the triple crises of climate, global health, and recession have pushed the world backward in its goal of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the next 10 years. What are the root causes of the current geopolitical trends and how will they unfold in the next 12 to 24 months? Where will those trends leave the United States and its allies? This course will contextualize global news and politics with both historic and forward-looking perspectives.


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  • Discover the root causes of the current geopolitical trends
  • Learn how to contextualize global news and politics using both historic and future perspectives

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  • People who are interested in geopolitical trends
  • People who have an interest in global news
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