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The European Union's Role in Resolving Multiple Middle East Conflicts

Given the increasing turmoil in the Middle East, the European Union is more eager than ever before to play a larger role in settling regional conflicts. Europe is suffering from domestic Islamic radicalization and is actively seeking resolutions to significantly reducing radicalization at home, while protecting its extensive interests in the region. The myriad regional issues—the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the fight against ISIS, and the war in Syria, among many others—necessitate a comprehensive yet nuanced approach in the search for resolutions. Yet, with the looming political reality of Brexit, the Union is being tested in unprecedented ways. This course will focus on how the EU functions, what its role is in Middle Eastern politics and diplomacy, and what the future of the EU looks like with so many domestic and foreign challenges.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A comprehensive understanding of EU institutions and the various diplomatic and political methods the European Union employs to engender peace
  • A better understanding of what the EU’s role is in Middle Eastern politics and diplomacy and what the future of the EU looks like with so many domestic and foreign challenges

Ideal for

  • Students seeking an in-depth perspective on a political entity of global significance whose role has never been so critical and central to resolving conflicts
  • Students of global or European affairs
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