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Reporting and Presenting Results

This course introduces approaches to data collection and analysis. The sessions covering qualitative research methods focus on developing literature reviews and developing and using data-gathering tools such as interviews, focus groups, and observations. You will critically analyze published studies to evaluate the quality of the study design and the strength of the evidence and conclusions. The sessions on quantitative methods cover the basics of data analysis, exploring how these principles affect approaches to research design and data gathering. You will learn experimental and quasi-experimental research designs and their application, sampling methods, ways of recognizing good data from bad, and beginning survey design. In short, you will learn how to develop credible data—data that measures what it claims to measure and that is analyzed correctly.

  • Intro to Evaluation Reports
  • Intro to Data Visualization
  • Real-time visualizations (Dashboards, online reporting tools, innovations in Evaluation reporting)

This is an instructor-led virtual course which includes both synchronous-live sessions and asynchronous weekly modules. Students are required to attend at least 80% of the synchronous sessions in order to successfully complete the course.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The knowledge to draft measurable project goals, outcomes, objectives, and activities
  • The skills to create a clear and concise design for a monitoring and evaluation framework
  • The ability to apply new and/or additional reporting skills using infographics and presentation software
  • The confidence to package and present a final work product to an audience of peers and industry experts

Ideal for

  • Professionals interested in the field of monitoring and evaluation
  • Students pursuing the Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation

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  • Spring 2022

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      Spring 2022
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      Feb 17 - May 5
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