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Communication Strategies for Successful Crisis Management, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution

Crises, conflicts, and disputes arise throughout our careers on varying scales, no matter our profession. How we respond and communicate during them helps to shape their resolution. This course will provide a communication framework used by crisis intervention experts that can be applied to a variety of personal and professional situations. The interactive class will incorporate case studies, role-plays, lectures, and group participation. By the completion of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of the impact that communication has during conflict and crisis situations and knowledge of how to utilize these skills effectively.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of specific communication strategies used in crisis and crisis intervention incidents and ways of applying them to your work
  • The ability to connect specific communication techniques with emotions, psychological concepts, emotional contagion, empathy, and rapport
  • The knowledge to use specific crisis communication skills to influence others by deescalating tense emotions and to create a collaborative working environment

Ideal for

  • Those working in conflict management at NGOs or community-based organizations
  • Those who work in emotionally charged situations that require collaboration among different stakeholders
  • Professionals in fields such as marketing, law, government, healthcare, and other settings where conflict arises and effective communication is necessary to be successful
  • Students who seek to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of crisis communication and application of the skills
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