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Energy Analytics, Modeling, and ClimateTech Finance

The Clean Energy transition has undergone explosive growth in recent years and that pace is accelerating - creating market dynamics that are complex, multifaceted, and evolving. This course will teach you the analytical skills, fundamentals of the energy markets Climate Technologies, energy data analysis, and how to apply those skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about energy investments, financing and how to thrive personally and professionally during the energy transition to a decarbonized world.
Emerging technologies, grid modernization, and decarbonization are transforming the global economy in a new Industrial Revolution that represents one of the biggest economic growth engines of the next 30 years. To understand how these trends and policies will impact the economy, the environment, and our future requires not just knowledge and understanding of the technologies, market ecosystems, and economic trends, but the ability to understand and contextualize energy data. This course provides an overview of the cleantech sector technologies, policies, and markets and teaches the fundamentals of interpretation and data analysis that is vital to understand how the energy sector is evolving and where it will go.



  • Using economics and data to understand Energy Markets and the future of Energy
  • Policy impacts on the Energy Ecosystem & Energy Transition
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to use Energy Data to assess the Energy Transition
  • Energy Systems; Emerging technologies, and innovation (e.g. NYU's Urban Future Lab!)
  • Commercialization, scaling, and partnerships in ClimateTech
  • Financing Clean Energy (Equity, Debt, Projects & how it differs from Fossil Fuels)

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the forces that drive the energy market
  • The ability to analyze energy data to make informed decisions
  • Skills to build models and analysis tools within Excel
  • Methods to evaluate the financial viability of renewable energy projects
  • Ways to identify and assess the risks and opportunities ClimateTech, Clean Energy & Sustainability

Ideal for

  • Professionals and recent graduates interested in a career in the clean energy sector
  • Business professionals who want to learn more about the clean energy technologies
  • Engineers who want to develop their financial skills

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  • Fall 2024

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      Fall 2024
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      Sep 18 - Dec 11
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