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Digital Cinematography: Camera Techniques and Lighting

The solution to interpreting a story visually does not come in a box. As a student in this course, experience how even the simplest equipment may yield stunning results. This remote workshop introduces the work of the director of photography, also known as the cinematographer, who is the coauthor—along with the director—of the visual look and feel of a motion picture. Learn the math and science of photography, as well as see the proper setup and operation of camera systems, lighting, and grip equipment. Build technical knowledge before progressing to the aesthetic concerns and artistic choices that are paramount to the cinematographer’s role. Through demonstrations and practice, tackle the unique challenges of interpreting a script visually and of incorporating the point of view of a project’s director along with your own creative expression. Individual sessions cover exterior and interior shooting, digital exposure meters, lens selection and camera operation, the duties of the camera assistant, and an overview of video formats.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Familiarity with the role of the cinematographer
  • An understanding of how the cinematographer works with the director and with the camera, grip, and electrical departments on a film shoot
  • The skills needed to select an appropriate camera lens, use a digital exposure meter, and operate a camera
  • Experience using lighting, composition, and camera movement in a single cinematic shot and in a sequence of shots

Ideal for

  • Those interested in cinematography
  • Recent graduates or career changers considering entering the filmmaking industry
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