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Achieving Customer Centricity

Some marketers still take an inside-out approach to their marketing, that starts with what their products are all about and what they can offer. This course will focus on the critical importance of placing the consumer at the center of all aspects of the market research and data analysis process, and thus driving marketing decisions that focus on the consumer and increase the likelihood of positive business outcomes. Students will develop an understanding of how the brand fits within the competitive landscape, who the core consumers are, and the value a brand brings to its consumers.  This course also covers how to identify current cultural and environmental trends impacting how customers operate and how a brand should be positioned relative to consumer needs.  Students will also understand how to adjust the marketing/ advertising as needs of the customers change, and learn how to create and cultivate an organization culture of consumer centricity.

There are 7 live remote 60-minute sessions.  Students must attend 4 of the 7 sessions. In the Summer 2024 academic semester, this course's live sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 7 - 8 PM.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to analyze the business value of consumer-centricity for organizations and quantify the impact that different internal and external forces can have on consumer-centricity
  • The ability to demonstrate how modern consumer-centric strategies and tactics impact a brand across the three dimensions of brand value, consumer promise and category competitors
  • The ability to identify, collect and analyze multiple sources of consumer-centric data to highlight relevant consumer trends, including when and how a company should pursue the most profitable territories
  • The ability to synthesize multiple sources of consumer-centric data into an easy-to-understand and implementable picture of a brand’s consumer targets
  • The ability to document a plan for what is needed to extend consumer-centricity into a shared operating principle across an organization
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      Summer 2024
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      Apr 29 - Jun 16
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