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Advanced Digital Filmmaking

By utilizing the skills obtained from previous diploma course work in writing, preproduction, cinematography, lighting, and digital film production, students will create a short film of approximately five minutes running time during this course. Once an idea is green-lighted and a crew of three or four classmates is mutually determined, then each student will have the opportunity to produce an individual project, or opt for a group project. Students will shoot with high-definition digital cameras using a double system that records dialogue separately with digital audio recorders. Then, they will advance through postproduction using Adobe Premiere Pro, editing individually on NYU computer stations, to a polished digital film with credits, color correction, and a mix-down of multiple audio tracks. The finalized digital film file belongs to the student.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Experience collaborating as a member or leader of a filmmaking team
  • Hands-on experience shooting in a double system with a DSLR camera and digital audio recorders
  • Additional experience using Adobe Premiere Pro and other software to complete postproduction
  • The experience of analyzing your own interests and skills in the context of filmmaking industry challenges and opportunities in order to formulate career goals
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