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Social Media Practicum

Increasingly, social media professionals are required to enter the social media industry with already-proven success at driving social media engagement. In this final course of the program, you will have the experience of building a real-life brand or organization’s social media presence. Presented in a self-paced format, this course features lectures, videos, and interactive panels that explain the social media job market and industry, while providing guidance in assessing a brand’s current needs with industry standards. You will be responsible for developing a social media strategy and plan for a brand or organization of your choosing, and you will present your results to the company or organization for feedback and possible implementation.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to apply real-life marketing situations and budgets to an executable social media marketing plan
  • Techniques for confidently communicating your skills and past experiences into résumé talking points
  • The expertise to adapt existing realities for a brand or organization into strategic next steps for social media management
  • Opportunities to network within your industry and within the social media management industry for continued advancement

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