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Social Media Advertising

In the latest CMO survey it was found that social media advertising budgets are expected to increase by 32 percent in 2018, and almost double by 2023. Thus, it is very important for social media professionals to understand and plan for continued growth in the social advertising space. This course addresses advertising in the social space, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other emerging platforms. Through the semester, you will review various advertising campaigns for best practices, while also investigating industry standards and the ever-evolving social media space. Build upon the engagement theories and analytical methods learned in previous courses by applying them to the paid media environment and by using them to anticipate future changes to social platforms’ ad guidelines. In addition, engage and evaluate the rise of the social media influencer and the impact to branded content development. Also, become familiar with the spectrum of user-generated content and paid-influencer content, and learn how to utilize both in a brand’s social strategy.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The expertise to build a strategic social media advertising plan that considers influencer opportunities and native advertising
  • Techniques for creating content for paid promotion on various social platforms
  • The skills to develop mobile-first social advertising campaigns for various social platforms
  • Experience in tracking social media advertising conversions through various digital campaigns to their branded sites
  • An understanding of how to navigate various ad serving platforms to determine how their social advertising programs integrate within a larger integrated marketing advertising plan

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