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Shopping Ads and Feed Management

In recent years, the growth of Google Shopping has been exponential. In this course, learn the history and terminology of Google Shopping, get hands-on experience with the Google Shopping Network, and gain the ability to effectively create and optimize Google Shopping campaigns. Also, acquire the skills to audit data from an inventory feed, the heart of Google Shopping, to ensure you are sending a Google-approved shopping feed to the Google Merchant Center. The course also covers the purpose of the Google Merchant Center and the industry tools available today for optimization.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Familiarity with Google Shopping history, landscape, and terminology
  • An understanding of how to audit and optimize a Google Shopping feed
  • The ability to create and optimize Google Shopping campaigns, ad groups, product groups, settings, and more
  • The technical skills to use Shopping via Google AdWords, AdWords Editor, and Google Merchant Center
  • Familiarity with the differences between Google Shopping ads and Bing Shopping ads
  • Advanced strategies like r-marketing lists for shopping, local inventory ads, and customer match
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