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Cultural Competence and Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

This course will offer you the opportunity to assess your own cultural competence and will provide you with a framework for assessing others and your workplace. Discuss obvious, as well as less-visible, dimensions of diversity, while relevant issues are highlighted. Learn what careers are available in diversity and inclusion; how these positions are designed in different industries; what the business priorities are for various industries and models; and what the stakeholder and customer experience is for corporations, healthcare, higher education, and public employers. The course also will cover the diversity and inclusion initiatives that may be implemented at work to aid in the attainment of business goals and the sustainability of the plan and outcomes.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to assess your own cultural competence
  • An understanding of the elements for assessing the cultural competency of others and workplaces
  • Familiarity with the competencies needed by diversity and inclusion practitioners
  • Knowledge of some of the varied stakeholders and business goals with which diversity and inclusion strategies must be aligned in different industries
  • The ability to define success and measure the outcomes and the sustainability of diversity and inclusion initiatives

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