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Digital Marketing: Mobile

Mobile is the most widely used media channel globally, with over one billion mobile devices sold each year. The medium provides new ways for organizations and brands to connect with customers across all sectors. The explosion in usage of smartphones makes mobile a richer media landscape; however, it also presents challenges for marketers who seek to reach their target consumers effectively through the channel. Therefore, it is critical that marketers and business managers become familiar with how best to use mobile to communicate with the target audience. This course provides a best-practices approach to mobile marketing and explores how it fits within the communications marketing mix. Explore how mobile can be maximized and how success in mobile marketing can be measured.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the mobile landscape across various sectors and the opportunities and challenges for businesses, small or large, to use mobile to reach “on-the-go” consumers
  • Familiarity with current and future mobile trends, jargon, applications, and technologies
  • The ability to differentiate between strategy, tactics, and content delivery tools
  • The expertise to assess specific mobile content delivery tools for achieving diverse strategic goals
  • An understanding of how mobile marketing has redefined the classic sales funnel and the consumer decision journey
  • An understanding of pertinent consumer research to better understand a target audience
  • The skills to evaluate the success of a brand’s marketing efforts on mobile channels
  • Best practices for understanding how a brand’s mobile presence supports a wider integrated marketing strategy
  • The skills to apply a design framework to develop an effective mobile marketing strategy
  • Experience using benchmarks to measure brand engagement on mobile
  • Familiarity with the dynamic nature of mobile marketing and with the potential future directions of the market

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  • Summer 2019

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      Summer 2019
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      Jul 17 - Aug 14
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