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Digital Marketing: Strategy

Learn everything needed to create a successful digital marketing campaign. Each topic covered enables you to move toward building your own digital marketing strategy. Explore the capabilities of the tactics, timing, and techniques, and learn what to measure to make sure your efforts provide return your investment (ROI). Focus on creating content and analytics that you can use to measure and present results. Course sessions combine lecture-based learning with practical exercises and peer feedback to develop your understanding of digital marketing. There also will be the opportunity to respond to a brief from a real company and to go head-to-head pitching ideas.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A strategic plan that leverages and encompasses all available and relevant digital marketing tools and resources to reach specific business goals
  • The ability to leverage digital marketing channels to communicate a brand's positioning as part of a multichannel communication or engagement program
  • The expertise to assess market opportunity, growth priorities, and targeting strategy across channels
  • An understanding of the difference between a digital marketing strategy and a marketing campaign
  • The ability to define clear and measurable goals for campaigns
  • The expertise to assess and evaluate optimal marketing tactics to support campaigns
  • The skills to create, measure, and evaluate key performance indicators for campaigns
  • An integrated marketing plan to achieve overall goals and support the brand strategy, communicate value proposition, and appeal to target customers or segments

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