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Workflow and Systems Analysis for Clinicians

This course introduces the techniques and concepts used to assess, design, and transform healthcare operations with an integrated, patient-centered approach. You will learn to translate those needs into the technical requirements necessary for an integrated healthcare information system. In addition, you will become familiar with the systems development life cycle in a healthcare setting, and the importance of key stakeholders in each phrase of the life cycle. By engaging key stakeholders, you will learn to identify the current state of clinical operations and to depict clinical flows into a workflow diagram. Learn how to gather information from clinical workflow observations, clinical data, and stakeholders to perform a needs assessment and how to work with clinical stakeholders to develop future clinical workflows to incorporate into healthcare applications. You ultimately will be prepared to drive successful outcomes by fostering collaborative decision-making, standardizing, and identifying user adoption strategies. Workflows include electronic health record (EHR) clinical workflow concepts, EHR billing and coding concepts, and EMPI managing duplicates, as well as the application of effective decision support.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to analyze clinical workflows for use in a clinical informatics system
  • The capacity to transform clinical workflows into a clinical informatics system
  • The skills to create a detailed workflow for a portion of an electronic medical record (EMR)

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