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UX: From Design to Code

UX design practice reveals the real challenges of making products that are both usable and beautiful. In this course, you will investigate and cultivate strategies that deliver pleasurable, effective, and efficient software. With a focus on user interface (UI) design, learn the various design cycles of interface creation and the components of UI design for cross-platform and multidevice delivery, including web, mobile, kiosk, iOS, and Android.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The requisite proficiencies of user interface (UI) design
  • A comprehensive understanding of how UI design relates to user experience design
  • Knowledge obtained from having studied, compared, and designed for iOS, Android, and mobile web platforms
  • Fluency in the building and operations of development teams, methodologies, and tools
  • Confidence in your understanding of cross-platform and device design
  • The capacity to articulate the concept and prototype of a product as a user interface

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