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Hadoop Management and the Capstone Project

This course will focus on select management issues of Hadoop to provide you with an understanding of and facility with several Hadoop management tools, such as Apache Ambari and Cloudera Manager. You will learn the characteristics of clusters and perform basic cluster management functions, such as monitoring, troubleshooting jobs, and configuring and tuning cluster resources. The second half of the course will devote time to the capstone project, for which you will work in teams to choose, and justify your choice of, a Hadoop platform to use for processing and analyzing a set of data. You also will select the appropriate algorithms to use for data processing, the querying tools and mining algorithms for analysis, and storage technique for long-term storage of the processed data for later analysis.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to perform basic troubleshooting on a Hadoop database cluster
  • The capacity to monitor jobs for successful utilization of resources and completion
  • The confidence to configure and tune cluster resources
  • The aptitude required to undertake and complete the capstone project
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