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Processing and Data Retrieval in a Hadoop and Spark Environment

In this course, you will characterize Hive, Drill, Impala, and JAQL-like query languages; describe Pig and Pig Latin for creating MapReduce jobs; load and inspect data in Apache Spark; and create a Spark application. You also will use Flume to collect, aggregate, and move streaming data.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to use MapReduce to process unstructured data
  • An understanding of how Spark fits into the big data application stack
  • The confidence to build and launch a standalone Spark application
  • The practical experience of loading data with Pig and building a data flow using the data to illustrate the extraction, transformation, and loading of data
  • The skills to use Flume to collect, aggregate, and move streaming data in the Hadoop Distributed File System
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